What is this place?

FestiFood shows you where food stalls are at Glastonbury Festival 2022. Data is gathered by the community along with me, Dave.

The site is in no way affiliated with the festival, or any related company or organisation.

If you want to get in contact with me, get me on twitter or insta @festifoodsite

How do I use the site?

Pan around the map, find something interesting, go there and eat it. Also just try looking around in real life, the map is not the territory and this map will be missing some food stalls. If you want to help contribute, please get in touch and I can give you an account.

Privacy & Your Data

This site tries very hard not to collect data. There are no ads, there are no dodgy facebook tracking cookies or links. We use one cookie "LoveTheFarmButLeaveACookie" to authenticate logged in users and for no other purpose. Access logs for the website are not kept. I do not know who or when or from where people access the site. No data is kept or sold on.


Thanks to KingOfThePixels for the logo. He's an awesome musician, time lapse photographer, graphic designer and all round top geezer.

Thanks also to all the volunteers who helped me gather data, pass on leaked maps and lists of stalls or otherwise helped me out. You're all brilliant! Shout out to the Glasto discord server people.

The map imagery is generated using Tilemill and data from OpenStreetMap as well as custom cartography from me. OSM is an amazing project and should be supported. Thanks to all the mappers.